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While the baby is sleeping, the mom may leave her side to do household chores such as cooking and washing. At such times, the baby monitor can be used to monitor whether the baby is sleeping soundly or playing in a good mood through the camera or microphone. In this article, we will introduce tips on how to choose a baby monitor at home with a baby. In addition, we will introduce recommended products for baby monitors and recommended apps that allow smartphones to replace baby monitors.


A baby monitor is convenient if you have one in your home with a baby. A baby monitor is a device that allows you to place a camera or microphone near your baby and check the baby's condition on the monitor using WiFi. Even if you have your baby sleeping in another room, you can immediately check if you are sleeping soundly or if you get up and cry. In addition, if you have a baby monitor, you can use it in various ways.

When mom is doing housework. While the baby is taking a nap, it's time for mom to do household chores and for herself. But if you're in another room, you're worried that your baby isn't awake, that you've fallen out of bed, or that something should happen. In such a case, if you have a baby monitor, you can watch the baby from a distance. Moms can rest assured if they can see the sleeping face of a cute baby between household chores.

When you are away from your baby ・ When you have difficulty hearing your voice

The baby monitor has a function to detect the baby's crying and movement and notify the parent device. So even if the baby is moving, you can see what the baby looks like through the monitor. You can see if your baby is sleeping soundly even in places where it is difficult to hear your baby's voice, such as the first and second floors.


There is also a type in which mom can talk to the baby through the monitor, so the baby can feel relieved to hear mom's voice.

Also for watching over grandpas, grandmas and pets

The baby monitor can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as checking whether an elderly grandpa or grandma is living well, checking the state of a pet who is away from home, or using it as a security camera. You can use it as a baby monitor when your baby is small, and use it for another purpose when you grow up.

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