Baby Monitor Talk 2

How to choose a baby monitor


So what should you be careful about when buying a baby monitor to watch over your baby? There are many different types and prices, but to choose the one that suits you, check the following.

With camera or audio only


There are two types of baby monitors on the market, one with a camera and one with audio only. There are more types of baby monitors with cameras, some with high image quality and some with a night mode that allows you to see your baby's face even in the dark. First of all, let's decide whether it is better to be able to see the baby in the video or just the audio.

Smartphone compatible


When checking the baby's condition on the baby monitor, it is difficult to carry the monitor with you at all times. However, if you have a baby monitor that supports smartphones, you can check the baby's condition on your smartphone, so many people will find this more convenient.

With technical suitability mark


Baby monitors apply to radios and must comply with the Radio Law. The “technical suitability mark” is a landmark when confirming this. A baby monitor with a technical suitability mark means a radio that meets the technical standards of the Radio Law, and a baby monitor without the mark may violate the Radio Law.

With eavesdropping prevention function


A baby monitor with an eavesdropping prevention function is definitely recommended. Once eavesdropped, it is dangerous because the life pattern of the family is grasped. Be sure to choose one that has an eavesdropping prevention function.

Rental is also available for short-term use


If you only want to use your baby monitor when your baby is small, you can rent it instead of buying it. Rental will be cheaper for limited short-term use. However, if you want to use it until your baby grows to a certain extent, or if you want to use it for a long time for other purposes such as watching over pets and crime prevention, you should consider purchasing it.

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