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Do I harm my baby if I take it on my lap to feed?


Basically nothing speaks against this method, because your sweetheart is very close to you and feels your warmth like when breastfeeding or feeding with the bottle. This position is particularly useful if you are feeding porridge or other unfamiliar food for the first time, because mom's body calms your baby and gives him security.

Nevertheless, the following applies here: Only the dose makes the poison. In other words, you shouldn't have your baby on your lap every meal and for long periods of time. Even when the head is well supported, baby's back is usually in an unhealthy position.


Is the baby bouncer a suitable alternative?


There is a lot of controversy about the baby bouncer as to whether it is beneficial or harmful to babies. But what is a bouncer anyway?

Outwardly, it resembles a baby seat for the car, only with a kind of frame that ensures that the seesaw is securely on the floor. As the name suggests, the models can either be made to rock by hand or a small motor takes over this task. The gentle movements are said to calm babies and keep them occupied thanks to the moving toys attached to most rockers.

In addition, with many models you can adjust the lying position of your baby so that they are also suitable for feeding.

In contrast to high chairs or the like, rockers are suitable for the youngest, pure baby rockers should be used up to an age of around seven months.

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