Lets Talk About Facts 2

Are you exercising enough


“In terms of maintaining good health, no drug currently used or expected to be as effective as lifelong planned exercise can be expected.”


Over the 23 years since then, many health professionals and health organizations have quoted the term in books, magazines and homepages.  “Are you exercising enough?”


Some people mistakenly think that they are not overweight and do not need to exercise. Obese and overweight people certainly benefit greatly from regular exercise, but increasing physical activity, even if they are not overweight, generally improves health and is heavy, such as some types of cancer. There is a good chance that you can prevent the disease. In addition, recent studies have shown that physical activity can reduce anxiety and prevent depression. In fact, many slender people also have mental and emotional stress and suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other illnesses that progress due to lack of exercise. So, whether you're overweight or not, it's good to have more physical activity if you're living a life that's often sitting.


What is the lifestyle you often sit in?


How do you know if you are moving enough? There are various opinions about what a sedentary lifestyle looks like. However, most health professionals agree on general criteria that apply to most people. According to the explanation adopted by some health organizations, the lifestyles that people often sit in are as follows. (1) I haven't done more than 30 minutes of exercise or physical activity three times a week, (2) I don't move much in my leisure time, and (3) I rarely walk more than 100 meters a day. (4) I sit most of the time while I'm awake, and (5) do work that requires little physical activity.


Are you exercising enough? If not, you can start something today. You might say, “But I don't have time.” When I wake up in the morning, my body is heavy, and at the beginning of the day I do my best to get dressed and go to work. And at the end of a long day, I'm still exhausted and not exercising, but much more to do.


In addition, many people have started exercising but have stopped exercising within a few days because they feel tight or feel sick after exercising. Some people are sick of thinking that they have to do rigorous weight training, run miles every day, and do well-thought-out stretches to stay fit. -See the boxed article “Weight Training and Stretching”.


In addition, it can be expensive and inconvenient. You need the right clothing and shoes for jogging. Strength training requires dumbbells and some exercise equipment. It will cost you a lot to join a sports club. It may take some time to go to the gym. Nonetheless, none of this is a reason why you cannot move well and improve your health.