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When do you start baby food?


How much is your first baby food? A teaspoon of measuring spoon = 5g


Often, baby food books and the like say “start with a scoop.” “One scoop” in baby food means “one teaspoon” of a measuring spoon. It is about 5g in grams. Start from just a little bit. If you want to start more slowly, 1/2 teaspoon is OK.


First, continue a scoop for a few days. We will increase it to about 30-45g over a month. There are various ways to proceed depending on the book, but the Weaning Food Instructors Association recommends the following ways.

How to proceed with baby food for the first time



(10 times mashed porridge)

Vitamins and minerals


(Example: Pumpkin)




1-2 days 1-2 teaspoons

Day 3-4 1 teaspoon

Day 5-7 2 tsp

Day 8-14 3 tsp (1 tbsp) 1 tsp

Day 15-21 1-2 tbsp 1-2 tsp

Day 22-31 1-2 tbsp 1-2 tsp 1-4

Day 32 ~ 2-3 tbsp 2-3 tsp 2-4 tsp 1/2-1 tsp




Start with 1 teaspoon and add 1 more teaspoon for 2-3 days in a row. By repeating this, the amount will be gradually increased.

Is it okay to eat a lot when it's eaten from the beginning? The baby's internal organs are still underdeveloped. You may have diarrhea …


If your baby eats well from the first day of baby food. Mom is very happy, isn't she? You might think, “If you can eat this much, let's eat a little more without saying a scoop”, but that's a stop!


Babies have been drinking only breast milk and milk until yesterday. Just because you are happy with the baby food that started today, you may be surprised if you eat a lot. In some cases, you may have diarrhea. If you have diarrhea, some doctors may stop baby food until it is cured. The baby's internal organs are immature.

What if your baby didn't eat a spoonful of baby food? Don't worry because it's just “practice to eat”


What should I do if my baby doesn't eat at all on the first day of baby food?


The bottom line is that you don't have to worry about how much you eat, especially in the early stages of baby food. Of course, I understand mom's desire to eat. But for now, let's focus on “practicing eating” anyway. You don't have to go as shown in the table above because the food doesn't go on. Each baby has a different development and personality. If the child does not eat well, I will give it to the child's pace. It is important to gain experience of eating baby food and enjoy it rather than the amount. If you don't eat, round it up quickly before your baby dislikes it and give it to your breasts and milk until you're happy with it.



What is the point of making your first baby food? At first it is close to liquid


This is a baby who used to drink liquids such as breast milk and milk. Since the internal organs work and the ability to swallow is underdeveloped, solids cannot be eaten suddenly. At the beginning of baby food, cook it in a state close to the liquid of Toro Toro. The point is


・ Boil (boil) the ingredients softer than adults think.


・ Strain softly boiled food


・ Add broth or cold water to make yogurt.


Straining with a strainer not only smoothes it, but also removes vegetable fibers that you don't want to feed at first.

How to make the first baby food “porridge” 10 times how to make mashed porridge


Rice is the first ingredient that babies eat. Start from the state of porridge. At first, “10 times mashed sardine” is recommended. It's an unfamiliar word, but the rice porridge cooked with 10 times water for 1 rice is “10 times porridge”, and the one that is further lined up is “10 times mashed porridge”. When making porridge, prepare a thick pot with a lid.



1 tablespoon of rice


Water 150 ml

<How to make>


  1. Wash the amount of rice with water about 3 times


  1. Drain the water with a colander, put it in a pot with a certain amount of water, and soak for 30 minutes.


  1. High heat at first. When it boils, reduce the heat to low and cook for about 30 minutes.


  1. Turn off the heat and steam for 10 minutes with the lid on.


  1. Strain and smooth with warm water.

What should I start with for my first vegetable? We recommend smooth vegetables that are soft to the touch!


Once you get used to porridge, let's start with vegetables. First of all, we recommend vegetables that are soft to the touch and tend to be smooth. For example


Pumpkin, carrot, turnip, radish, onion


Such. Choose vegetables that are easy for your baby to eat.



Precautions when feeding baby food with a spoon for the first time


For the first baby food spoon, we recommend materials that are soft to the touch. Some babies don't like the feel of a spoon and don't eat it. There are various types such as silicon and wood, so please choose one.

・ How to use a spoon


In the early stages of baby food, adults give it because they cannot eat it by themselves.


  1. Spoon your lower lip


  1. When the baby opens his mouth, put baby food on his lower lip


  1. Pull out the spoon


The point to note at this time is


・ Put a spoon from the front of your mouth


・ Do not put it in the back of your mouth


・ Do not pull up when taking out from mouth


Let's eat while saying “It's delicious” and “You're good at eating”.

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