The Birth Talk

Three factors are necessary for a successful childbirth.

It is the delivery output, the birth canal, and the fetus. The first two are the elements on the mother's side, and the other one is the element on the baby's side.

・ Delivery output


The force that pushes the baby out is called delivery output. It plays the most important role among the three major elements of childbirth. Delivery output includes labor and abdominal pressure. Labor is when the uterus contracts and tries to push the baby out. How to overcome the pain associated with labor is the key to how easy it is to produce. Abdominal pressure is useful when the baby is finally coming out. The baby's head, which is deeply lowered into the pelvis, presses on the rectum and anus immediately behind, which makes you want to reflexively move. In order to be more effective, you should also consciously add energy.

・ Production road


It is the path of the baby. It consists of a hard outer pelvis and a soft inner (soft birth canal). As the baby approaches, hormones work to loosen the pelvic joints. The soft birth canal is also softened, easier to stretch and ready for the baby to pass. A wave of uterine contractions rushes in here, and the baby's head exerts pressure to widen the birth canal. Whether the pelvis is wide enough for the baby to pass through and the muscles of the soft birth canal are softly stretched are important conditions for the birth canal.

・ Fetal child

Normally, babies are born from the largest head in the body. Babies stack their head bones and squeeze their bodies well to get through the narrow birth canal. And it comes out with as little resistance as possible. If this doesn't work, it will take longer to deliver. The condition of childbirth depends on the size and posture of the fetus and the strength of the baby. If these three factors work in a well-balanced manner, childbirth will go smoothly. If any one of them doesn't work, it will take time and affect babies and mothers. Next, let's introduce the progress and mechanism of childbirth. If you know the process of childbirth, you can rest assured.

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