The Birth Talk 2

First stage of labor

・ Until the first barrier of childbirth, the uterine ostium, is fully opened

・ Slow tempo in the first half and sudden tempo in the second half. ・ The time during this period is 10 to 12 hours for primiparas.

・ Preparation period


It means until the uterine ostium opens 3 to 4 cm. Labor pains are about every 10 minutes, and the pain is not so strong yet. I spend my time as usual. Only when you are in labor, stop moving and try to take a comfortable posture. Eat your meals properly if you can. If the water is not ruptured, you can take a bath.

・ Progressive period


It is time for the uterine ostium to open up to about 7 cm. Labor pains occur every 5 to 6 minutes, and the intensity gradually increases. If you have a bout of labor, you can take a deep breath at the beginning and end to help you get a feel for the rhythm of the labor and relax your body. During this time, you can take the position of Mr. Sims, sit down, walk around, and spend the most comfortable posture for yourself.

・ Extreme period


It is when the uterine ostium is fully opened from 8 cm. It can be said that it is the most difficult time in the process of childbirth. Labor pains are long-lasting and continue to strike. The baby's head goes deep into the pelvis and you will feel your hips cracked. However, the time at this time is not long. If you survive here, your baby will be born soon. Water ruptures often occur at the end of this period.

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