The Birth Talk 3

Second stage of labor


・ Until the baby leaves the womb, passes through the birth canal, and is born.

・ Apply abdominal pressure to the baby's labor

Help progress

・ It takes about 2 hours for a primipara.

・ Enter the delivery room

When the uterine ostium was fully opened and the water broke, it was finally delivered. People who used to spend time in the hospital room will also move to the delivery room. Labor pains are every 1-2 minutes and last for 40-60 seconds. The pain will be different from that of the first stage of labor, and you will have a stronger desire to live. At that time, follow the instructions of your doctor or midwife. If you experience labor, take a deep breath, inhale again, and hold your breath. When you go to work, it will be easier to go to work if you pull your chin and put it on your chest, just like when you defecate.

・ The head can be seen and hidden


During labor, the baby's head can be seen, and it is retracted between labor pains. I think you can tell because the mother herself feels that a large lump is caught in the perineal area. It depends on the person, but after a few more times, the baby's head will come out completely.

・ The birth of a baby


Even during the interval between labor pains, the baby's head does not retract and remains visible. The vaginal opening is maximally widened and the perineum is thinly stretched like a balloon. At this time of year, mothers should not go on and relax their bodies well. If your body is not strong, the perineum will not be strained, so your baby will be able to come out without difficulty. Babies are born with their heads down while turning their heads. When the largest head in the body goes through the birth canal, it comes out with shoulders, arms, torso, and legs.

It's the birth of a baby.

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