The Feeding Conversation

Every new mum is determined to do what's best for her newborn baby and has a few decisions to make within just hours of the birth as to the best possible way to start baby's life.

Baby's sense of smell is developed when he is in the womb. Eventually, breastmilk could be replaced with formula. The message being conveyed by this program is that breastfeeding is beneficial to both mom and baby. A calcium supplement is appropriate when you're breastfeeding if you don't get enough calcium in your diet.

To build immunity and boost proper development of a child, nothing works better than breast milk. “It focuses on the milk as a separate entity, not as part of the relationship between a breastfeeding mother and baby.

Exclusive breastfeeding refers to six months of feeding babies with only breast milk (other than medications, vitamins or minerals.) Continued breastfeeding mixes in solids and other foods while continuing breast milk. If you find that you aren't breastfeeding that often, or if several months have gone by and you still aren't having your usual menstrual cycle, consult with your healthcare provider for their assessment and evaluation.

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