The Milk Talk 3

There's a stigma surrounding giving babies formula , but the advice for new moms of twins not to get caught up in it. More often than not, twin moms need to supplement their own natural milk with formula, since it's tough to produce enough milk for both babies on your own.

At our three-month checkup, my doctor said he wanted me to top the boys off with three to four ounces of formula after each feed because they weren't gaining weight as fast as he wanted them to,” she says. Moms should never feel guilty about giving formula,” she says. It's completely okay to use it to supplement breast milk.”

Pumping can help you produce more.

Pumping actually helps a new mother's body create more milk which is important for moms of twins, who need to provide double the sustenance. If you still have more milk after a feeding, it's a good idea to use the pump This post may contain links that help us generate compensation. to get it all out. That way your breasts are empty and they'll fill up fuller again the next time.

I often try to pump This post may contain links that help us generate compensation. before I go to bed or whenever I have a free minute and then store the extra,” she says. Sometimes I'll mix whatever breast milk I have saved with a bit of formula to make a six-ounce bottle, which I can feed to one while the other nurses.”

Twice the sucking isn't twice the pain.

You'd think that doubling the sucking time would also double the potential pain, as it's hardly uncommon for nursing mothers to experience sore, cracked, or chapped nipples. If you have babies that are good at nursing and have good sucks, it isn't painful at all,” she says. The only time it might hurt is when they start teething and pull on the nipples”

One condition to be aware of is mastitis, an infection of the breast tissue that can cause pain, swelling, redness, even fever or chills. It typically affects women who are in their first few weeks of breastfeeding. Whether nursing a single baby or multiples, any new mother can get mastitis. Contact your doctor stat if you experience anything unusual when you begin nursing.