Lets Talk Milk 6

Around the end of the early stages of baby food 5 to 6 months old

Instead of using milk right away, try yogurt, which has a small protein molecule. For yogurt, use unsweetened plain type yogurt or yogurt for babies. When used for vegetables, the variety of baby food will increase.


Let's start with a spoon and see what happens. If you don't have any problems, you can increase it to 50g a day.


-Mid to late baby food 7-9 months old

In addition to yogurt, you will be able to feed cheese and cooked milk. Therefore, it is easy to try baby food such as milk porridge, banana milk, and pancakes.


However, be sure to heat the milk and make sure that your daily intake, including other dairy products, does not exceed 100g.


-From 1 year old to the completion of baby food

After the age of one, you can give the milk as it is. In that case, it is important to warm it up. Cold milk can strain your baby's internal organs and cause stomach upset. Let's break in with warm milk first, then step with normal temperature and cold milk.


Also, when you give milk for the first time, start from about 50 ml and be careful about changes in your physical condition. If symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and eczema do not appear, you can increase the amount little by little, but it is recommended to use 200 ml at a time, and a total of 300 ml to 400 ml per day including other dairy products.


Another thing to keep in mind when incorporating milk into baby food is iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, it is important to incorporate iron-rich foods such as spinach, natto, seaweed, soybean flour, broccoli, and liver.

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